Saturday, 8 June 2013

End of Exams!!

Sorry that I haven't blogged recently my beautiful bloggers, I've just been so busy with exams! I had my last exam on Monday which seemed like such a long time ago now!! I said to myself that after all my exams were over I would try and do as many things as I can with my friends and family before I go back to school on the 24th June to start my A2's in sixth form. Here's a diary of what I've been up to so far:

Friday 31st May: PICNIC

Today my two friends Jess and Paulina, my twin Della and I decided it would be a good idea to go to one of our local parks and have a yummy picnic! We popped into Asda and bought lots of bakery treats, chocolate, crisps, ice cream!! We then sat in the park and almost ate the lot!! We all felt a bit sick but it was worth it!
Our amazing picnic! The magnum ice cream was the best, I defiantly recommend you try it!
After our amazing picnic we decided to go for a little walk. It was really hot that day and we ended up stopping off at a place known as the boating pool. I had never been on one of there peddle boats before and had always wanted to when I was younger, so Paulina, Della and I decided to go on one! It was really relaxing but it was quite slow and hard to peddle! haha
Paulina, me and Della at the boating pool
 We then decided to go to a little kiddies park where we sat and had a little chat. We made daisy chains and went on the swings, we are such kids!

Me, Della and Paulina

Me, Paulina and Della on the swing
Monday 3rd June:  HOT TUB
Today I had my last As exam (Biology) in the morning. I was really worried because I didn't feel prepared for it but it actually turned out alright. After my exam I met up with my best friend Melissa. We we're going to go to the beach but decided to go back to her house and go in the hot tub! The only problem with us is we're so bad at making decisions! As soon as we got to her house we were like "what should we do?" "is it too early to go in the hot tub?". We ended up sitting on facebook and taking pictures! haha
Mel and Me
After we had stopped being boring we decided to have some lunch! We had ham and cheese panini's grilled, walkers hoops and crosses, a kitkat/alpen bar and frijj fudge brownie milkshakes!
Our lunch!
After lunch we finally decided to go in the hot tub! We relaxed for a bit had a chat and then we decided to take funny videos on Mel's phone! Overall it was a lovely day!
Tuesday 4th June: SHOPPING!
Today me and Mel decided to go shopping! We looked round all the shops and tried on lots of clothes. I was also helping Mel with my birthday present ideas because my birthday's coming up soon!!
Me and Mel tried on lots of clothes and we both really liked this rose peplum top from Newlook!
After a long day of shopping we went into Costa and had a white chocolate and raspberry cooler and shared a blueberry muffin which were both lush!
Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th June: PACKING
On Wednesday me and my twin sister Della had to start packing because we are moving house very soon. We started packing away our clothes into suitcases and packing away books. On Thursday we started to move boxes out of our room and started sorting out things to get rid of.
Friday 7th June: HARVESTER

Today Me and my twin sister Della met up with our friend Alice for a catch up as we hadn't seen her in a while! We went to Costa, sat down, had a drink and a chat which was really nice.
In the evening I went to Harvester to celebrate the end of my exams. I went with my dance class and two guys. I had never been to Harvester before so I was really excited! I was stuffed by the end, first you get a free salad , then a main (I had a bacon and cheese burger and chips) and a dessert (I had a munchies sundae) but it was amazing!
Me and my best friend Mel after the meal
Hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things I have done recently and I am hoping to do a lot more!
Much Love

Friday, 17 May 2013

Baking! xx

Hey there beautiful bloggers! Today I'm going to be talking about something I absolutely love: BAKING! Growing up my twin sister Della and I we're always doing creative things with our mum; one of these things being baking. We obviously started off with simple things like fairy cakes and biscuits and we grew from there. If it wasn't for my mum doing these things with me I probably wouldn't have had as much of an interest now.

When you bake you really appreciate the taste of something you made yourself that has fresh ingredients and lovely flavours. You also get the satisfaction that you have made it yourself  and not just got it from a shop. It's also really fun to actually make something from scratch and decorating it! The best part though has to be licking the bowl and eating left over icing!

Baking is just a handy skill to have and the earlier you learn, the better you'll become. To all those people out there who don't really bake or don't really have a interest in it, give it a go, you never know you might surprise yourself!

Here are some picture of things Della and I have baked recently (I would show all the things we've baked over the years but there's too many pictures, I mean I could start off with pictures from when we we're toddlers haha):

Halloween 2011

Christmas 2011: Della and I made our friends our 'signature' brownies for Christmas and wrapped them up all cute!

Christmas 2011: We made cute little Christmas biscuits

Christmas 2011: Our fancy Christmas cake!

Jan 2012: Made cookie and cream cupcakes

Feb 2012: Made caramel short breads

March 2012 (Mothers day): We made a yummy carrot cake ( I LOVE CARROT CAKE)

Easter 2012: Made cute cupcakes

Easter 2012: Also made birds nests and mini egg cookies

Christmas 2012: Gave our friends a cute box each with a brownie, a few Christmas biscuits and a gingerbread cupcake

Jan 2013: Made honeycomb cream cupcakes

March 2013: Made a cookie, brownie and oreo cake which we served hot with ice cream. We tried some cold the next day and it tasted even better!
March 2013: We made one of our friends a cake for her birthday!
Hope you enjoyed my blog and I hope it encouraged some of you to start baking or even be inspired to try making new things!  Remember the summer holidays are coming up soon so you will have plenty of time to bake!
  Thanks for reading!
Much love

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Spot adivce:

Achieving clearer skin!

What not to do:
  • If you have a huge spot that you think is the most hideous thing in the world and you just want to get rid of it, please DON'T squeeze/pop it, as tempting as this is it could end up leaving a scar on you face or could even make the spot worse! Popping a spot can also cause you to break out in even more spots if you touch over areas of your face after popping it!
  • If you are starting to break out with lots of spots DON'T panic! Most people think that scrubbing and scrubbing your face will help get rid of the spots quicker but really all you are doing is drying out your skin and this will cause you skin to break out even more (the more oil you scrub away the more will be produced)
  • Try not to touch/itch your face to much throughout the day, your hands carry germs and you are spreading these germs all over your face.
  • NEVER sleep with face make up on, always make sure you wipe it off before you go to bed, keeping it on will not let your skin breath and will encourage spots.
  • If you use makeup brushes, make sure you clean them regularly!

Diet:  Diet doesn't really play to big of a role in break outs but there are some things that can trigger it off (but this depend on the person)
  • It is said that drinking too much milk and eating too much dairy can trigger break outs. I wouldn't say cut down on milk but if you are having a really bad break out or acne problems recently this may be the reason.
  • Drinking plenty of water can help clear your skin, so try and drink as much as possible throughout the day!
  • Cut down on the fast food: it is okay to have a bit of fast food but if you are living on take aways and going to fast food restaurants most of the week, this may be the cause of your spots.

Other ways to help prevent/help reduce breakouts:
  • If you are recently breaking out and are thinking of trying out a face wash I recomment clean and clean deep action cream wash oil free (I did a review on it in one of my previous blogs) it really works wonders! Don't just get the first face wash you see or one that I suggest, go out and search for the one that's right for your skin type and type of breakout- using the wrong product for your skin could make things worse or even start your skin breaking out for the first time (if it hasn't before)
  • Try not to use any oily products if you are breaking out, especially if you are using a moisturiser, the last thing you want to do is add even more oil to your face.
  • If you're one of those people who is always wearing foundation, try and give your skin a day off once in a while. If you are a bit self conscious of your skin, do it on a weekend or a day when you are stuck in the house- this will really do your skin good!
  • Wash you face twice a day, day and night; also moisturise in the night straight after (once again all with oil-free products.
  • Break outs can also be caused by stress or lack of sleep so just make sure you take five or so minutes in the day to just relax and try to get early nights when you can.
  • If it's your time of the month then there's not a lot you can do if for break outs, all I can say is just keep at the face washing routine and if worst comes to worst cover it up with a bit of concealer ( make sure you wash the concealer off at night).
Note: To all those girls who haven't had any serious skin issues and don't really break out, some of this information may not apply to you, please don't start using products and face washes that are not needed, this could cause you to have skin problems. Once you start using products your skin relies on them, so only use them if you feel you really need to.
Scars: If there are any of you who have scars left form spots don't panic! There are a few things you can try: 
  • Moisturiser could help reduce them (get oil-free)
  • You could try using bio oil or ask a shop assistant to help find another suitable alternative.
  • get advice
Thanks for reading! I hoped this advice helps some of you guys!
Much love

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Throw back Thursday! xx

Hey there beautiful bloggers! Today I thought I'd share some old pictures of my life with you! Most of these pictures are of me and my twin sister Daniella (who I call Della). Feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge them :)

My twin sister Della and I as babies xx

Della and I as toddlers xx
                                                       Me trying to put on kiddy lipstick when I was 3 and 1/2 hehe xx
Della and I in our dressing up costumes xx

Me, my little brother Matthew and Twin sister Della in our England tops! xx
   Della and I on the Ragdoll, we used to love Rosie and Jim! Della loved pulling silly faces haha xx

My dad, me, Della and Matthew at the park xx

Me when I was 5 xx

Mine and Della's 6th birthday! xx

Me, Matthew and Della on the day of my brother's Christening xx
Me and Della wearing kids eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick  and stick on earrings, ready to go to a party hehe xx
Hope you enjoyed the photo's. These were the good old days and bring back wonderful memories <3
Much Love
Maria xx


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

20 Facts About Me!

Hey there beautiful bloggers! Today I'm going to be telling you lovely people 20 facts about myself to try and help you get to know me a bit better! <3

1. My name is Maria
2. I'm sixteen, nearly seventeen, my birthday's on the 21st June
3. I'm a non-identical twin! My twin's name is Daniella and we we're born 8 minutes apart (I'm the younger twin). I couldn't imagine my life without her <3

4. I was born and still live in England

5. As you can tell from my blog name, I'm just a bit obsessed with eyelashes and anything to do with beautifying them.
6. I love animals and would love to have my own farm! I've also always dreamt of having a puppy!
7. I love baking and have also got into cooking lately but I haven't really had a lot of time to do either at the moment.
8. I'm in sixth form at the moment studying my first year of A-levels.
9. One of the A-levels I take is dance and I absolutely love it! I've become so close to all of the girls and we're like one big family!
10. I love singing and sing all the time at home but no one has really heard me sing, I hope I'm not terrible... ha ha :P

11. People may not believe me when I say this sometimes but I love my food! I love trying new things and experimenting with new flavours.

12. My dream would be to become an actress and be on TV or in films. I would also love to be a model for clothes shops and magazines! Also, I have always wanted to go to Disney land Florida! I LOVE DISNEY <3
13. I'm a huge directioner and have followed them from the beginning. I went to see them in concert at the O2 on the 2nd April 2013 and it was the best day of my life which I will never forget! I know you shouldn't have favourites and I love them all so much but I absolutely love Niall! <3
14. My friends are absolutely amazing, we never fight and I love them all so much! I love the friends I've known for years, I love my new friends, everyone at my school is just so lovely!
15. Hopefully after my exams are over I'm going to start YouTube, which I'm really looking forward to and have already got a few ideas.
16. I'm absolutely terrified of bumble bees and try to avoid them at all costs!
17. Everyone assumes I'm quiet, but once they get to know me they realise how loud and mad I actually am!
18. As cheesy as this sounds, I'm still waiting for my prince charming, I would love to get married and have a family when I'm older!
19. I'm obsessed with Ferrero Rochers  and Tropicana at the moment ha ha
20. I'm very girly but I do have a sporty side of me that comes out when something sporty is happening.
Thanks for reading my 20 facts about me blog! I hope it helped you get to know me a bit better!
Much Love
Maria xx

Saturday, 4 May 2013

My all time favourite products!!

Hey there fellow bloggers! Today I am going to be talking about some of my all time favourite products that I have been using for a while and some that I've got recently but can tell I will be using for a long time!

I firstly have to start off my favourites by talking about this amazing concealer! You may have heard lots of beauty gurus on YouTube rave about this product and I can seriously see where they are coming from! This concealer is amazing! It gives really good coverage but at the same time blends in really well making it hard to tell that you are even wearing concealer! Another great thing about this product is the price; I bought it for just over £4 and its a lot better than most expensive concealers!

Another product I'm loving at the moment is the Ted Baker Body Spray. It's so lush, I just can't stop smelling it! It's very strong and to me it smells like you're wearing a really expensive perfume but it's a cheap alternative. I only have the small bottle which I bought for £2.50 but you can get a bigger bottle for only £5! This is defiantly the best body spray I've ever owned and I defiantly recommend going out and buying it (it's only £2.50 so where can you go wrong?!)

Thirdly I would like to talk about seventeen doll'd up mascara. I only got this product recently but I have to say it does wonders to your lashes! It's also another very affordable product costing only £6 and it's worth the spend. I'm not going to go into to much detail on this product because I did a review on it in one of my previous blogs, I would love if you could go check it out!
I have been using Nivea's 'feel pout-tastic' for a very long time! The tin just makes it so handy to carry the balms round in your hand bag. I love that you get two lip balms, an 'essential care' and a 'pearly shine'. The essentials one is just a life saver when you have lips in need of some serious fixing. I'm not too sure if the 'pearly shine' is as good for repairing the lips because I don't use it as much. It is, however, a good alternative to lip gloss/lipstick because it makes your lips pink and shiny whilst also nourishing them! This product is just so cute, I had to buy it as soon as I saw it and it only cost me a few pounds!


I have also previously done a review of this in one of my previous blogs if you would like to go check it out. I absolutely love the Clean and Clear oil-free deep action cream wash and moisturiser because it really does do wonders to your skin! Both the cream wash and the moisturiser are very affordable (prices ranging form £2.50-£3.50 depending on the shop) and I really do recommend you trying them out. They are not harsh on the skin or drying, but leave the skin feeling fresh, clean and also moisturised. If you would like to know more about these two products read my previous blog.
The sixth product I really adore it Sure's 'bright fragrance collection' deodorant. To be honest sure is generally an amazing brand no matter what deodorant, but what I love about this one is that it is scented with apricot and flowers. This just adds an extra element and I just love the smell. I also love the fact it's pink (sorry bit obsessed with the colour haha). Apart form this deodorant I also love the 'linen dry' one and normally go through phases of using this one and the bright one. It also gives really good protection and the fragrance really does last!
A really quick, random favourite: I love this hand gel. I get bored of using the same sort off hand gels with the same horrid smell and the same boring colour. What I love about this hand gel is that it has a passion flower and mango scent (and once again I love the fact it's pink). It's also really good to carry in your handbag because it's not too big and is a very good thing to just have in case you need it.
Lastly I would like to talk about something that isn't really a favourites because I don't eat them all the time! I've wanted to try them for so long, so decided to buy them today. They're the Cadbury's 'Marvellous creations' chocolate bars- one flavour is jelly popping candy shells and the other is cookie nut crunch. I can honestly say that these are one of the best chocolate bars I've ever tasted! They're so rich, endulgent and just delicious! You guys seriously need to go and try them! YUMMY!
Thank you for reading my favourites blog! I definatly recommend all of these products! <3 xxxxxx

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Review: Clean and Clear oil free cream wash and moisturiser
Round about this time last year I started to notice a few spots on my forehead and on my nose, so I decided to invest in some face wash. I went through quite a few face washes and they did an alright job I suppose, but my skin wasn't really too bad at this point.
A few months ago however more spots started to break out on my forehead and I would get a random big spot that would appear on my face. This made me really self conscious. I asked my mum to  buy me clean and clear's oil free moisturiser because I needed a moisturiser but didn't want one that would add oil to my face and make my skin worse than it already was! My mum however came back with the clean and clear cream wash; I was a bit annoyed but I thought I would give it a go (she later bought the moisturiser too).
  After a week of using the cream wash and applying the moisturiser at night I started to see results and from there my spots slowly went; I haven't had a break out since! The moisturiser is also really good, I love how it feels when it is applied and it's good that I don't have to worry about it clogging up my pores. My skin feels a lot softer since using it!
I'm still using both the face wash and the moisturiser to this day and I absolutely love them!
The only bad thing about the face wash is that it can get a bit messy when applying and washing it off. I also never know how much of it to use and sometimes I use a bit too much, this also means that it runs out quite quickly but saying that it is quite cheap and is worth buying! I really recommend these products for anyone in need of a good face wash or moisturiser! I feel so much more confident with my skin now and I'm so glad  I have found a skin care routine that finally works!

I hope this review helps xxxx